Is Albar a Woman Owned Company?

Yes. Albar is a member of  WOSB,WBENC and Women in Defense.


What the largest size part Albar can paint?

Great question, for all the details it would be best if you gave us a call. In general, the largest size is 72” x 65”, and as small as a nickel (21.21 mm).  


Can Albar do prototypes? 

Yes, usually in a matter of 2-3 weeks, but have been known to do some in a day.


Does Albar supply packaging?

No, but we work with some great companies that will guide and support you if you need help in that area.


Does Albar offer shipping?

Yes, that can be worked into our quote.


Is color choice ever a problem?

Not at all.  We have over 150 colors to choose from. If we don't have the color your looking for we can get it.


What surfaces can Albar paint on?

   All plastics, SMC, chrome, cast and stamped metals.   Don’t forget we don’t just paint, but have hydrographics.


What if I need my part masked?

We offer a multiple choice of solutions in making parts.


Is Albar only automotive based?

Glad you asked... no.  We work with a wide range of companies that need components painted, including the military and Industrial Design companies.


Why is Albar located in Lapeer, Michigan?

We are four hours from over 22 assembly plants.


If I need a part molded, then painted. Can Albar help in that area?

Yes, we have strategic partners that we work with depending on molt type needed.