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Albar has been a leader in the paint industry for 50 years and we are planning to continue with new improvements for sustainable growth in the next 50 years.  It is our goal to be your preferred liquid finisher in plastic and metal components. Our objective is to satisfy evolving industry standards in producing quality parts with the lowest cost possible and with 100% on time delivery. We have experience in automotive, military and commercial applications and want to continue to expand our base.

Prior to Albar being the supplier of record, GHSP had been struggling with the current supply chain for over a year, once Albar took charge, the supply chain was under control and parts were shipped up to schedule within 30 days. Albar has a consistent record of going above and beyond to meet and exceed the requirements from GHSP.
— Derek Watts, (Commodity Buyer) GHSP
I was really impressed with the process controls and quality in place. No wonder your business is growing so fast!
— Lynn Peterson, (Senior Account Manager) Diskomp
Why didn’t we come to Albar first? You saved us on this one. Thank You!
— Bryan Papierski, Squirm inc.
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