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Albar Industries is a Class A liquid finisher, providing prime coat, base coat, clear coat, CARC and hydrographic finishing services for interior and exterior use.  We provide finishes for plastic and metal components used in military and other manufacturing industries. Albar is a full service coater, providing engineering, tooling, and prototype, production, assembly and lab services for all of our production runs. Albar is TS-16949 accredited and we maintain a A2LA accredited lab. Through strategic alliances we offer blow molding and injection molding, SMC, metal stamping, and E-coating.  We always support our customer from launch through production.


3 OEM Approved Paint Lines

  • 3 Paint lines each with its own separate power wash.

paint line 4H1A0104.jpg


  • Tinted Clear Coat

  • Base/ Clear

  • Clear Coat

  • Tri-Coat

  • Mono Coat

  • CARC Coat

  • Prime Only

coats 4H1A9966.jpg

High Bake & Low Bake Capabilities

  • Oven capacity of up to 400 degree.

  • Low volume, Batch Testing, Prototype and High End Capabilities.

paint booth.jpg

Plural Mixing Equipment

  • Mono coats and 2 component and 1 component paint.

mixing 4H1A9885.jpg


  • Package your order to match customer requirement.

Sequencing 4H1A0117.jpg

Full EDI Capability

  • Electro Data Interchange – Advance Shipping Notice.

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Military CARC Coating

  • 6x Vel.

  • Approved Government Supplier

  • NAICS Codes - 325510, 332812, 332813, 326199, 332999, 336111, 336112, 336211, 33637 336399, 336411, 336992, 336999, 493110.


Cover Multiple Variety of Substrates

  • We cover Metal & Plastic (TPO, ABS, PC-ABS). Just to name a few.

sub straights4H1A9915.jpg

Robotic Spraying

  • 6 Axis ABB. 5002


Masking Applications

  • Albar uses tapes and hard masks.


1K, 2K Technology

  • Over 150 active colors.

colors 4H1A3395.jpg

Assembly Available

  • We offer light assembly.


5 Stage Powerwash

  • Each of our three powerwashes are OEM approved and meet product specifications. These powerwash systems are a progressive washing process designed to remove minor impurities and clean the surface to improve the bonding and promote a clean finishing application process.

wash 4H1A0171.jpg

A2LA Accredited Lab

  • Our lab is accredited to perform a variety of test including: Adhesion, Chip Resistance, Color Evaluation, Cure Check, Film Build, Gloss, Orange Peel, Thermal Shock, Water Resistance on plastic and metal automotive, Humidity, Moisture/cold Cycling, Water Immersion.

  • Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025-2005

  • BIQS

  • TS-16949 Defect Analysis Lab

lab2 4H1A6974.jpg

Hydro Graphics

  • Water Transfer Printing

red parts.jpg

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Listed are some of the major parts we paint, but this does not include all we are capable of painting.